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Rosenbaum, Howard

Conservation Biologist, Marine Conservation and Conservation Genetics Programs, WCS; WCS/AMNH Cetacean Research and Conservation Program

Wildlife Conservation Society
Ph.D., Yale University, 1999
Research Description

Broadly speaking, my research interests involve the application of current techniques in molecular biology to the conservation of wildlife. This conservation genetics research is focused at different hierarchical levels ranging from evolutionary relationships between taxa to determination of relatedness among individuals within populations. The results of these detailed theoretical and empirical studies are subsequently applied to guide conservation decision-making and priority setting.

My main areas of research focus on population genetics, systematics, biogeography, and conservation of cetaceans, ranging from large baleen whales to small cetaceans. One aspect of my research program involves the examination of population structure, migration links, and social organization of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) throughout the Indian and South Atlantic Oceans, and more comprehensively throughout the entire Southern Hemisphere. These studies integrate genetic analyses (high-throughput sequencing and multi-locus genotyping), with extensive field surveys and life history data collected from natural populations of whales off the coasts of Madagascar, Gabon and elsewhere in these oceans.

Research Keywords: Conservation genetics, cetaceans, marine conservation, molecular ecology, population genetics

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