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McGuire, Krista

E3B Assistant Professor and Barnard Biology

E3B Assistant Professor & Barnard Biology Assistant Professor
University of Michigan (Ph.D.)
Research Description

Our lab research focuses on how aboveground-belowground associations are assembled, how they function in nutrient cycling processes, and how they respond to anthropogenic disturbance such as urbanization, agricultural production, and shifting climate. Human activity is causing major alterations in biodiversity and biogeochemical cycling across the planet, and soil fungi and bacteria often mediate ecosystem responses to these changes. Specifically, we focus on soil fungal communities, as they are intimately associated with aboveground plant communities as mutualists, decomposers, and pathogens. To uncover the underlying ecological mechanisms for microbial responses, we use an integrative approach that combines ecosystem-level measurements, field experiments, functional assays, and genomics.

Research Keywords: Microbial ecology, Anthropogenic disturbance, Mycorrhizal fungi

Representative Publications

Barberán, A.*, McGuire, K.L.*, Wolf, J.A., Jones, F.A., Wright, S.J., Turner, B.L., Essene, A., Hubbell, S.P., Faircloth, B.C., Fierer, N. 2015. Relating belowground microbial composition to the taxonomic, phylogenetic, and functional trait distributions of trees in a tropical forest. Ecology Letters 18:1397-1405.   *co-first authors

McGuire, K.L., D’Angelo, H., Brearley, F.Q., Gedallovich, S.M., Babar, N., Yang, N., Gillikin, C.M., Gradoville, R., Bateman, C., Turner, B.L., Mansor, P., Leff, J.W., Fierer, N. 2015. Responses of soil fungi to logging and oil palm agriculture in Southeast Asian tropical forests Microbial Ecology 69: 733-747.

McGuire, K.L., Payne, S.G., Palmer, M.I., Gillikin, C.M., Keefe, D., Kim, S.J., Gedallovich, S.M., Discenza, J., Rangamannar, R., Koshner, J.A., Massmann, A.L., Orazi, G., Essene, A., Leff, J.W., Fierer, N. 2013. Digging the New York City skyline: Soil fungal communities in green roofs and city parks. PLoS One 8(3):e58020.

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