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Thomas, Patrick R.

Curator of Mammals, Bronx Zoo, Wildlife Conservation Society

Wildlife Conservation Society
Ph.D., Biology, Fordham University, 1996
Research Description

Pat Thomas has spent his professional career in the conservation and husbandry of mammals, specializing in behavioral ecology and reproduction, and developing protocols to ensure the long-term persistence and genetic viability of captive populations. He is a firm believer in utilizing WCS’s captive collections to enhance the management and conservation of wild populations.

Recent projects include an evaluation of various scent attractants to non-invasively collect hair samples from African felids for DNA analyses, a comparison of the efficacy of oral vs. intramuscular canine distemper vaccines in African wild dogs as a means of potentially providing disease protection for this highly endangered canid, and an assessment of the short- and long-term consequences of live-shearing wild guanacos, which is being tested as a possible conservation strategy.

Research Keywords: Applied ethology; captive propagation; mammalogy

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