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Naeem, Shahid

E3B Professor

Ph.D., Zoology, University of California, Berkley, 1989
Research Description

Shahid Naeem studies the ecological and environmental consequences of biodiversity loss. He is interested in how changes in the distribution and abundance of plants, animals, and microbes, affect how ecosystems function and, by extension, how ecosystems services are affected. His work combines theoretical, observational, and experimental studies under field and laboratory conditions, to uncover the mechanistic bases for the impacts of biodiversity loss on ecosystems. His work has demonstrated how the loss of species from ecosystems affect their ability to resist invasion by other species, affect production and nutrient cycling, and affect the reliability and stability of ecosystems. He is actively involved in bringing the science of biodiversity and ecosystem functioning to conservation, restoration, and policy development.

Research Keywords: Population genetics, Molecular systematics, Organismal evolution, Behavioral ecology, Conservation biology, Environmental policy, Science education

Representative Publications

Wheeler, Q. D., S. Knapp, D. W. Stevenson, J. Stevenson, S. D. Blum, B. M. Boom, G. G. Borisy, J. L. Buizer, M. R. De Carvalho, A. Cibrian, M. J. Donoghue, V. Doyle, E. M. Gerson, C. H. Graham, P. Graves, S. J. Graves, R. P. Guralnick, A. L. Hamilton, J. Hanken, W. Law, D. L. Lipscomb, T. E. Lovejoy, H. Miller, J. S. Miller, S. Naeem, M. J. Novacek, L. M. Page, N. I. Platnick, H. Porter-Morgan, P. H. Raven, M. A. Solis, A. G. Valdecasas, S. Van Der Leeuw, A. Vasco, N. Vermeulen, J. Vogel, R. L. Walls, E. O. Wilson, and J. B. Woolley. 2012. Mapping the biosphere: exploring species to understand the origin, organization and sustainability of biodiversity. Systematics and Biodiversity10:1-20.

Sachs, J. D., R. Remans, S. M. Smukler, L. Winowiecki, S. J. Andelman, K. G. Cassman, D. Castle, R. DeFries, G. Denning, J. Fanzo, L. E. Jackson, R. Leemans, J. Lehmann, J. C. Milder, S. Naeem, G. Nziguheba, C. A. Palm, P. L. Pingali, J. P. Reganold, D. D. Richter, S. J. Scherr, J. Sircely, C. Sullivan, T. P. Tomich, and P. A. Sanchez. 2012. Effective monitoring of agriculture: a response. Journal of Environmental Monitoring14: 738-742.

Perrings, C., S. Naeem, F. S. Ahrestani, D. E. Bunker, P. Burkill, G. Canziani, T. Elmqvist, J. A. Fuhrman, F. M. Jaksic, Z. i. Kawabata, A. Kinzig, G. M. Mace, H. Mooney, A.-H. Prieur-Richard, J. Tschirhart, and W. Weisser. 2011. Ecosystem services, targets, and indicators for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.doi: 10.1890/1002124.

Flynn, D., N Mirotchnick, M Jain, MI Palmer, S Naeem.  2011.  Functional and phylogenetic diversity as predictors of biodiversity-ecosystem function relationships.  Ecology 92:1573-1581.

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