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Blue-throated Hummingbird in the Sonoran Desert, Arizona; picture taken by alumni Kaiya Lynn Provost


M.A. Student Yuki Haba, in Taiwan collecting individuals of an Asian burying beetle,Nicrophorus Nepalensis, to study behavioral adaptation using genetic/genomic information.


M.A. student Stephanie Sardelis participating in micro-plastic sampling on Lake Ontario


A Blyth’s Hornbill (Aceros plicatus) on Kolombangara, Solomon Islands, taken by PhD student Brian Weeks. For more information on the birds of the Solomon Archipelago, read Brian and Prof Naeem’s paper recently posted by PNAS


Menge lab team member Rachel Arkebauer herbiciding field site at Black Rock forest. Click here for more Information about Dr. Menge’s research


E3B Grad students Lu Gao, Holly Fuong,Yiru Cheng in the Kakamega Rainforest,Kenya. Collecting data on blue monkey behavior at Prof. Marina Cords’ field site. For more information regarding Prof Cords’ research follow link


Lemurs in Madagascar

Jen Tinsman took this photo of lemurs in Madagascar.  You can read more about her work on her Ph.D. advisor Marina Cords’ lab website


E3B undergraduate alum, Laura Booth, who graduated in May 2015, has been working as an intern with the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory. She’s pictured here with a juvenile Northern Harrier. Read more


Alaska in July and August, on the cutting edge of understanding climate change! […] Read More

Astraeus hygrometricus, commonly known as the hygroscopic earthstar, the barometer earthstar, or the false earthstar, is a species of fungus in the Diplocystaceae family. Young specimens resemble a puffball when young and unopened.

What is it? Astraeus hygrometricus, a species of fungus in the Diplocystaceae family. Photographed in Alaska. […] Read More

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