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At the E3B annual “Dinner with the Chair”, each cohort is invited into an intimate setting with the department chair and student advisor to discuss pressing issues that directly affect them. See our students, DGS and Dept Chair enjoying good food and productive conversation.


The New York Times recognizes the ongoing research of Prof. Maria Uriarte and her team as they work to analyze how severe storms affect the amount of carbon forests pull out of the atmosphere and store.


PhD Candidate Sebastian Heilpern helps to unveil the long term effects of hydropower development in the Amazon in recent publications with Science Advances and ESA


Check out our proactive grad students at the official site for GRASS. An introspective look at the E3B student community

Cat nap

Congratulations to all the winners of the E3B Photo Contest !!!! All of E3B came out to demonstrate yet another level of talent and the beauty in the hard work done by the E3B Community. Thank you everyone for participating and supporting this contest. The winners are:


E3B is launching its first ever department wide photography contest to highlight some of our favorite photos which reflect the work done by the E3B community.

IMG-7390 (2)-COLLAGE

Congratulations Vijay Ramesh and Emily Chou for winning “Best Talk for Best Use of Quantitative Methods in Conservation Research” (Vijay) and “Best Speed Talk for Best Use of Quantitative Methods in Conservation Research” (Emily) at AMNH’s Student Conference on Conservation Science


MA student Neha Savant in the field studying the genetic connectivity of long-tail salamander in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Neha is working closely with the New Jersey Conservation Foundation, a nonprofit that is fighting against the proposed PennEast pipeline that will run through many of the creeks where long tail salamanders are found

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