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Harris, Stephen

Columbia Frontiers Science Fellow

Department of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology
Ohio State University
Research Description

Stephen Harris graduated from Ohio State University with a BS in molecular genetics in 2006 and a PhD in evolutionary biology from CUNY – The Graduate Center in 2015. His PhD research studied the adaptive population genomics of urban white-footed mice in NYC. He has a general interest in using genomics to better understand how organisms respond and adapt to changing and novel environments.  As a Columbia science fellow in the Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology Department, he is working in the lab of Dr. Dustin Rubenstein. He is employing a landscape evolutionary genomics approach to infer the demographic history of eucosical shrimp (Synalpheus) across the Caribbean. He is also interested in identifying specific environmental variables that explain patterns of genetic variation in snapping shrimp over time.

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