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Research Seminars and Student Seminars are important weekly events in Department E3B. On Tuesdays, invited researchers, Columbia faculty and graduating E3B Ph.D. students present their work. On Thursdays, E3B M.A. and Ph.D. students give brief presentations of their work in progress.

*All seminars have been postponed due to COVID-19* 

EEEB G6300: Graduate Research Seminars — 2019-2020

Tuesdays, 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

All seminars are held in room 1015 Schermerhorn Extension (Unless otherwise noted)

Date: September 10
Speaker: Vladimir Pravosudov
Affiliation: University of Nevada Reno
Title: Natural selection and spatial cognition in food-caching animals
Date: September 17
Speaker: Kevin Uno
Affiliation: Columbia University
Title: Molecules in mud: Reconstructing Neogene Hominid Environments from Molecular Biomarkers in Terrestrial and Marine Sediments
Date: September 24
Speaker: Lais Araujo Coelho
Affiliation: Columbia University
Title: The effects of Pleistocene climatic cycles on avian historic demography across Amazonia
Date: October 1
Speaker: Michael Hochberg
Affiliation: University of Montpellier
Title: Evolution and Environment Shape Cancer Across Species
Date: October 8
Speaker: Lydia Beaudrot
Affiliation: Rice University
Title: Insights into the ecology and conservation of tropical forest mammals from a global monitoring network
Date: October 15
Speaker: Greg Asner
Affiliation: Arizona State University
Title: Photons in the Race for Climate and Biodiversity Solutions
Date: October 22
Speaker: Sadie Ryan
Affiliation: University of Florida Gainesville
Title: Decisions will be made: modeling vector borne disease at multiple scales for different purposes and use
Date: October 29
Speaker: David Reich - in DAVIS AUDITORIUM
Affiliation: Harvard University
Title: Toward a New History and Geography of Human Genes Informed by Ancient DNA
Date: November 12
Speaker: Brenna Henn
Affiliation: University of California Davis
Title: Recent Evolution of Skin Pigmentation in African Genomes
Date: November 19
Speaker: Felipe Zapata
Affiliation: University of California Los Angeles
Title: Peering into the nature of species: considering genomic and phenotypic evidence on an equal footing
Date: November 27
Speaker: Vojtěch Novotný
Affiliation: Biology Centre CAS - Institute of Entomology
Title: Cultural and biological diversity in the tropics: status, drivers and conservation in Papua New Guinea
Date: December 3
Speaker: Laura Duvall
Affiliation: Columbia University
Title: Neuropeptide regulation of innate behaviors in mosquitoes
Date: January 28
Speaker: Lew Ziska
Affiliation: CUMC
Title: Climate Change: The Plant Biology and Human Health Perspective
Date: February 4
Speaker: Rebecca Chancellor
Affiliation: West Chester University
Title: Why Take the Risk? Factors Driving Crop-Raiding Behavior by Chimpanzees in Gishwati Forest
Date: February 11
Speaker: Angelo Soto-Centeno
Affiliation: Rutgers
Title: Extinction and Survival in the Caribbean: Climate, humans, & the loss of vertebrate diversity
Date: February 18
Speaker: Jonny Armstrong
Affiliation: Oregon State University
Title: How fish and wildlife exploit shifting mosaics of habitat
Date: February 25
Speaker: Steven Perakis
Affiliation: US Geological Survey
Title: Landscape legacies of a nitrogen-fixing tree in coastal temperate rainforests of the Pacific Northwest
Date: March 3
Speaker: Richard Hall
Affiliation: University of Georgia
Title: Anthropogenic food subsidies as a cross-scale driver of wildlife disease dynamics
Date: March 10
Speaker: Robin Reid
Affiliation: Colorado State
Title: Transforming science for more societal impact: What’s a biologist to do?
Date: March 24
Speaker: Robin Chazdon
Affiliation: USC
Title: Identifying the best opportunities for restoring tropical forests
Date: March 31
Speaker: Sarah Batterman
Affiliation: Cary Institute
Title: Symbiotic nitrogen fixation, biogeochemistry and biodiversity in a world of global change
Date: April 7
Speaker: Adrian Rocha
Affiliation: University of Notre Dame
Title: The “how” and “why” of arctic ecosystem responses to a rapidly changing climate
Date: April 14
Speaker: Peter Andolfatto
Affiliation: Columbia University
Title: TBA
Date: April 21
Speaker: Sebastian Heilpern
Affiliation: Columbia University
Title: Thesis Defense
Date: April 28
Speaker: Thomas Adam Bytnerowicz
Affiliation: Columbia University
Title: Exploring the mechanisms by which temperature may control the success of symbiotic nitrogen fixers across latitude: Time-lags and nitrogen fixation rates

EEEB G6300: E3B Student Seminar Series — 2019-2020

Thursdays, 2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

All seminars are held in room 1015 Schermerhorn Extension

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