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Congratulations to all the winners of the 2018/2019 E3B Photo Contest! All of E3B came out to demonstrate yet another level of talent and beauty in the hard work done by the E3B Community. Thank you everyone for participating and supporting this contest. The winners are:


1st Melancholy by Pedro Ribeiro Piffer

2nd Changing tides by Nicolas Shogo Locatelli

3rd Cheetah by Shailee Saumil Shah

Humans in Nature

1st Patchwork by Nicolas Shogo Locatelli

2nd Floating homes by Pedro Ribeiro Piffer

3rd Dwarfed by nature by Stephanie Christine Schmiege

Ecosystems & Landscapes

1st Alpenglow at Crown Point by Nicolas Shogo Locatelli

2nd Spring thaw at Toolik Lake by Stephanie Christine Schmiege

3rd Scottish Highlands by Pedro Ribeiro Piffer

Faculty, postdocs, and staff

1st Glaciers live on even when they’re gone by Duncan Menge

2nd Pedicularis integrifolia in an alpine meadow by Deren Eaton

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