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Congratulations to all the winners of the E3B Photo Contest !!!! All of E3B came out to demonstrate yet another level of talent and the beauty in the hard work done by the E3B Community. Thank you everyone for participating and supporting this contest. The winners are:


1st Captive by Thomas Hannon
2nd Cope’s vine snake by Amrita Neelakantan
3rd Beauty Lies in the Tiniest Things by Pedro Ribeiro Piffer – Morning Commute by Nicolas Shogo Locatelli

Humans in Nature

1st A Cabin in the Woods by Nicolas Shogo Locatelli
2nd Living on the edge of wilderness by Sarika Khanwilkar
3rd Himalayan by Amrita Neelakantan – Lazy River by Thomas Hannon – Colors by the water by Pedro Ribeiro Piffer

Ecosystems & Landscapes

1st Galactic Eruption by Nicolas Shogo Locatelli
2nd Exit by Amrita Neelakantan – Flooded wetland by Patrick Franklin McKenzie
3rd Place
Grasslands of the Western Ghats by Vijay Ramesh
  Mind in the Cave by Thomas Hannon
  Around the riverbend by Sarika Khanwilkar
  Color Palette by Pedro Ribeiro Piffer
  Montserrat2 by Margaret Corn

Faculty, post doc’s and staff (Biodiversity)

1st Dustin Rubenstein
2nd Mandrill by Jenna Lawrence

Faculty, post doc’s and staff (People in Nature)

1st Dustin Rubenstein

Faculty, post doc’s and staff (Landsapes)

1st Dustin Rubenstein

Special Thanks to Pedro Piffer, Alex Hudell, Meredith VanAcker, Shailee Shah

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