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Menge, Duncan

E3B Associate Professor

Associate Professor
2008 PhD Princeton University, 2003 BS Stanford University
Research Description

Research in the Menge lab addresses fundamental questions in ecosystem ecology and biogeochemistry using theory, observations, experiments, and data synthesis. Although much of the focus is basic science, our work is highly relevant to pressing societal concerns such as global climate change and eutrophication because of the intimate connections between nutrients, plants, and greenhouse gases.

Research Keywords: Ecosystem, Ecosystem ecology, Biogeochemistry, Theoretical ecology, Global change, Evolutionary ecology, Complex systems, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Nitrogen fixation, Nutrient cycles, Nutrient limitation, Nutrient loss, Ecosystem development, Succession, Stable isotopes, Adaptive dynamic

Representative Publications

Taylor, BN, B Bachelot, RL Chazdon, & DNL Menge. 2017. Nitrogen-fixing trees inhibit growth of regenerating Costa Rican rainforests. PNAS 114: 8817-8822.

Menge, DNL, SA Batterman, W Liao, BN Taylor, JW Lichstein, & G Ángeles-Pérez. 2017. Nitrogen-fixing tree abundance in higher-latitude North America is not constrained by diversity. Ecology Letters 20: 842-851.

Menge, DNL & SA Levin. 2017.  Spatial heterogeneity can resolve the nitrogen paradox of tropical forests. Ecology 98: 1049-1061.

Menge, DNL, AA Wolf, & JL Funk. 2015. Diversity of nitrogen fixation strategies in Mediterranean legumes. Nature Plants 1: 15064.

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