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Recently, E3B Professor Maria Uriarte co-authored several papers in the topic area of tropical rainforests. One paper (with recent Uriarte lab post-doc Jesse Lasky) appears in the journal Functional Ecology.  The full citation: Uriarte, M., J. R. Lasky, V. Boukili, and R. L. Chazdon. (2016). A trait-mediated, neighborhood approach to quantify climate impacts on tropical rainforest succession. Functional Ecology 30: 157-167.  And here is a link to a news article about the paper: LINK
Maria Uriarte is also a co-author on two recent papers in Nature:
Kunster, et al. (2015). Plant functional traits have globally consistent effects on competition. Nature, 529, 204–207.  doi:10.1038/nature16476  This study relies on a methodology developed by Maria Uriarte and Jesse Lasky and applies it to the most extensive study on tree competition to date.
Poorter, et al. (2016). Biomass resilience of Neotropical secondary forests. Nature, 530, 211–214. doi:10.1038/nature16512   E3B Ph.D. student Naomi Schwartz is also a co-author.  A short highlight of the paper: At the climate talks in Paris, all attention was focused on how humanity can reduce climate change by reducing carbon emissions, or by increasing carbon uptake. Forests are an important carbon sink. While most attention has focused on old-growth tropical forests, it turns out that secondary forests that re-grow after forest clearance or agricultural abandonment can sequester large amounts of carbon. Is this a forgotten sink?

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