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The National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program awards have been announced for 2016.  This year the NSF received close to 17,000 applications and made 2000 awards.  Several awardees have links to E3B: incoming Ph.D. student Stefanie Siller (who was an E3B post-bacc student, and will be working with Dustin Rubenstein), and incoming Ph.D. student Alexandra Huddell (who was also an E3B post-bacc student, and will be working with Duncan Menge).
Current E3B M.A. student Sarah Bruner won an award for her project looking at bioswales in the Bronx and how green infrastructure might reduce pollution caused by an overtaxed NYC sewage system.  Current E3B M.A. student  Grace Musser was awarded a fellowship for her work looking at how birds diversified after the end of dinosaurs.  Current E3B M.A. student Ellie Diamant won an honorable mention for her work on understanding the evolutionary significance of female hummingbirds who adopt a more male plumage.  This is the third straight year the E3B M.A. program has been awarded multiple awards/honorable mentions and underscores the hard work that these students put in with their advisors and during their thesis development seminar semesters.
E3B Undergraduate Alumni also won fellowships for graduate work: Margarete Diaz Cuadros (pursuing graduate work at Harvard), Lea Pollack (for graduate work at UC-Davis), and Jeff Spear (graduate school to be decided).
More information on NSF-GRSP is linked HERE

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